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Though the club was founded in 1984, sadly it fell into decline due to lack of funds and older equipment falling into disrepair. The club at that point was run by Mr John Bew and Mr Mark Griffiths who it must be said continued to keep the doors open and gave their time freely to the club. In 2015 they were joined by Mr Lyn Davies and Mr Owain Milsom who brought with them some much needed capital and some renewed enthusiasm. John Bew has since resigned his position and is no longer a club member and due to unfortunate circumstances Griff had to step down in 2016 and is sorely missed at the club. Currently the club is managed  by Mr Lyn Davies and although still an active member, Owain had to step down from his post due to work commitments early in 2018.

Today, the club continues to go from strength to strength and is as said previously “probably the friendliest club in Wales”, the membership is diverse and full of good natured welsh banter and laughter. ( Occasionally we shoot too ).

Left to right:  John Bew , Lyn Davies , Owain Milsom, Mark Griffiths